Merry Christmas & New Year Eve

Hi,we meet again!This time I want to talk about Christmas and New Year.Christmas Day has passed,
Christmas it all about sharing, giving, love, harmony and sincerity.Like people said sharing is caring.
Food, drinks, song, gifts and family it is something that must be there at Christmas but have you ever thought there are people who have none of the above?You all have the spirit but the spirit will fade and be wasted if not used. The spirit is spirit of Christmas.So you think by yourself!
Then,New Year it all about NEW.New Year's resolutions!After what you all went through, it makes us stronger!
We know good and bad person. Know we are not weak!
Pain, suffering, hate, death and torture! That's all we'd be strong and continue to live and not give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


|Jennifer Lopez Live In Malaysia|

Hi.How are you?Today is the day!!Finally,Jennifer Lopez come to MAS!
For your information,I do not go to Jennifer Lopez Dance Again World Tour Live At Stadium Merdeka,Kuala Lumpur.Tonight feel like the best day of my life(I'm Goin'In).
8PM,Don't miss it,Love ya'all.
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