Hi to all my diary readers.How are you?How about your life,it is everything okay?If your life is not okay you must make sure always stay strong and be who you are.Today,I will share  something with all my diary readers about LET ME DOWN.

My ambition is to become a singer but those around me forced me to become a scientist! I do not want to, I like art, music and fashion! I have not told my parents yet but I promise when I was 17 years old I will tell all!!!I prayed to the Lord, let me drop first let them know that they all thought that they already win!

But they are wrong! Only a year just yet! When it is time I will make sure they are in awe of myself!
Now I am in the process learn, grow and stay strong, I know there will be justice in the end of the ray. I cried my heart crumble!!! Do not be too trusting your friends! That's my main advice!

I think that's it for today, remember BE YOURSELF AND YOU CAN BE ANYTHING.We live for peace and love.Thank you.

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